Monday, November 24, 2008

Naoko & Blue Note Michelle

Two weekends ago I printed my first project! Along with it came a very interesting (re: stressful) story. So as I mentioned on my old blog...the Chandler & Price press calls Chino Hills home in my parents garage. As I was nearing their place I noticed a lot of smoke in the air and it turns out neighboring cities Corona & Yorba Linda/Brea were on fire. The air quality at this point was ok so I got to work setting up the plates and inking up the press.

These pictures are the polymer plates Naoko (my friend) and I had made from Boxcar Press.

This invitation set was a 2 color project with the designs in a custom mixed pink & the copy in a custom mixed green. I had gotten about 85% of the pink part done when the air just got too bad to be breathing in while working in the garage.

The fires at noon:
The fire at night:
I had plans back in LA that night so I decided I would go to that and then head back in the morning to finish up. After driving for 1.5 hours and only getting 10 miles from my parents because of freeway closures I knew I wasn't going to make it in time for the movie I had tickets so I turned back. I spent most of the night watching the news and when I went to bed relieved because the latest was people were urged to evacuate towards where I was since the fire was going the opposite way.

Come 4 am and my mom wakes me up and says we need to start packing what we can because the fire had turned and was coming our way. I helped my parents and sister pack important paper, photos/photo albums and their dog's stuff, our eyes were glued to the tv waiting to get word if we needed to evacuate. In my freaked out state I decided I'd better think of a back up plan for finishing these invitations in the case that we had to go and the press burns with the house (extreme right??) I am part of this letterpress list-serv/forum where people post questions etc. so I made one asking for help in the case that I need to leave. I got many offers and well wishes from list members. The fire turned but there was no way I could work with how bad the air still was so Michelle of Blue Note Press was the one who came to the rescue. I headed over to her amazing studio space in her Pasadena home. Not only did she help me finish up the project but she gave me extremely helpful tips for any future printing projects. Michelle if you read this somehow, Thanks again!

The first picture is from the bride to be of how one of the sets look when completed. I will get some more pictures up soon. Yay first project!

next up: Metal Doily business cards


Justin said...

Great work. Nothing like a little excitement on your first deadline.

oh hello friend said...

hi mo!
wow, congrats on your first project! that is so exciting! :) can't wait to see more! love the new blog.

Shannon said...

I just barely checked your new blog! Sorry I'm such a slacker. I LOVE the way those invites turned out. I really want to order some stationery from you. Do you have the business side of things set up yet? I want a few sets of blank notecards and/or thank you cards for myself and to give as gifts. Let me know how I can order them. Your first project is beautiful. I'm glad it came together despite the stupid fires. Scary stuff that was. Hope all is well and you are still letterpressing away! :)

Hold on forever said...

hi! i was wondering if you could teach me how to make a polymer plate? im a newbie with a small tabletop press for my own leisure! (: