Monday, November 24, 2008

Chandler & Price 10x15

originally posted on my blog 8.18.08

I've been holding out with this news because I wanted to finalize some details...
I bought a large floor model letterpress printing press! Yes...before I even got my Craftsmen Imperial tabletop press up and running that I posted about here. I'll tell you what, this was just a really great opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

On a Monday morning a few weeks ago I saw an ad over on BriarPress for an 8x12 Chandler & Price in Hermosa Beach in excellent condition and for a great price that had been posted the day before. I called anyway regardless of thinking that for sure it would be spoken for already. Actually I called my parents first to ask if they would be ok with me having it at there house (they were!) The 8x12 press was taken already BUT the seller, an amazing lady named Jenny, had another one. A bigger one that she was willing to sell for the same price as the 8x12! I pretty much was set on buying it but wanted to go see it in action first.

I went to check out the press after letterpress class so Brenda & Danni were able to come with me to the warehouse. Turns out Jenny is
the letterpress printer for all letterpress things at Papyrus! I had just gotten this beautiful letterpress card for a friends wedding so it was so exciting to see thousands of prints of it. She was nice enough to show us the working of her studio, samples, mock ups etc. and believe you me all three of us geeked out when she asked "Do you guys want to see the glitter room??" The room where they hand glitter any glittered elements on the cards, so cool! The deal was finalized for the press to be picked up before Oct. 1 and to only add to Jenny's coolness she offered to let me come by and do some printing on the press with her supervision to get a feel for it and also answer any questions that may come up. I will be heading over there to do that this Saturday.

I'm so excited for this you have no idea. I've already been researching which fonts I want to get from M&H type foundry. I will take some pictures this weekend but here are some (thanks danni) from when we went to see if the first time around.

please excuse the sleepy eyes/no makeup! you can see how big the press is in this one...

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